Wagner Ware Cast Iron Nickel Plated Corn Bread Pan Mold - Krusty Korn Kobs Junior 1319

Wagner Ware

$ 29.00

An antique cornbread pan or mold... Wagner Ware Sidney Ohio USA... cast iron nickel plated.

Krusty Korn Kob Junior... p/n 1319.. Patent July, 6, 1920... vintage cookware.

makes seven 5.5" corn cob sticks... weight 4 lbs

Good used vintage condition... no cracks or chips... a 2mm corner to corner wobble - not serious warp.

We do the hard part... this pan has been strip cleaned down to original metal - the old cooking build up and carbon has been removed... it has a light coat of protective olive oil...you will want to season the pan with your choice of animal or vegetable oils... some of our customers are vegan - some others might prefer bacon grease or animal products... by us not pre-seasoning the pan, you get to do it your way!

our cast iron is cleaned in a 100% lye water bath... hand scrubbed... placed in a vinegar/water bath... hand scrubbed again with a natural citrus cleaner... washed again... hand toweled and sun dried.

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