About Us

What We Are

Olde Kitchen & Home is your online store for used, vintage, antique & newer items for reuse and repurpose. Find cookware, kitchen items, tableware, flatware, housewares, bedding & blankets, linens, jewelry, apparel, accessories and general estate items.

We are located in Sarasota, Florida. Our family began dealing in estate items in the 1940s. We operated a physical location for years until the Great Recession. Since then, like many others in this business, we no longer have a brick and mortar store.

Since 2004, we have sold to thousands of satisfied online customers. Most of our merchandise is from estates we purchase, from senior citizens downsizing or purchases from other dealers.

Hard-to-Find High Quality Manufacturers

Many of the quality items we sell are no longer in production. Many USA based manufacturers closed or moved overseas.

Quality cookware manufacturers like Flint Ekco, USA Revere Ware, Descoware, Copco Lax, Griswold, Wagner Ware, Club Aluminum are now gone. Many vintage blanket & woolen mills are no longer in production. Makers like Kenwood, Eaton, Hudson Bay, Horner, Troy, St Marys and Tennessee Woolen Mills are closed. 

Though gone, sold or off-shored, these quality companies have left an inventory of their goods. These are prized by their owners and sought by collectors. We are pleased to clean and restore as many of these as we can find for your use.

Remember, refurbishing and placing pre-owned items back to active use is good for the planet... please, share this website with friends and family, if you are so inclined.