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JOMAZ Jos Mazer

Striking Jomaz Mazer Pin Pave Turquoise Bead Flower Bud

Striking Jomaz Mazer Pin Pave Turquoise Bead Flower Bud

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What a striking pin brooch - modernistic take on flower bud with bright pave RS crystals and turquoise color beads - this is the first one in this design we've seen with the turquoise color beads - wonderful maker Joseph Mazer marked JOMAZ on the also beautiful reverse. 

Please read Condition remarks and see closeup photo.

  • Marked JOMAZ   - Length approx 3 7/8"
  • Unique shape can be worn any direction to suit your whim - substantial locking closure.
  • Condition from estate - note no missing pave stones or beads - there is what appears to be missing gold tone on the stem -Since beginning jewelry sales some 20 years, have only seen 1 of these that did not have the band at stem without gold tone and that includes sales mentioned below. Agreed, it is a rare pin to find but have seen probably 10 in those 20 + years.
  • This design has recently sold online for $300+ - 2 different sales
  • Mails in gift box insured shipping included in USA
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