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Pendleton dunlop

DIY - Pendleton, Dunlop, Kincora Wool Cashmere Scarf - Cutters Felting Sewing

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A lot of three (3) name brand, high quality scarves for DIY wool projects. The Pendleton piece has scattered moth holes center area. The Dunlop Maine cashmere is just well worn with 1 small hole. The Kincora Ireland has small thread breaks. You may find a wearable suit scarf among the 3 if you find the appearance acceptable!

  • Maker tag-  yes. ~ Fabric tag- yes. Care tag-  no, dry clean only. ~
  • Pre-owned, used, all pieces have issues that preclude sale as wearable.
  • Selling for DIY purposes only. ~
  • 15 ozs.