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Pillow- With Two (2) Covers - India Sequined & Oriental Cranes - 24" x 24"

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A single large 24" square vintage decorative pillow with two covers. The original Oriental themed pillow appears to have been covered with Indian themed cover.

Indian Style Cover -- Black cotton base with predominantly wine and red squares.  Patchwork is an ornate embroidery with mirrors and sequins - Back is black cotton

Oriental Inside Cover-  a bone rayon-like Oriental cover with embroidered cranes, pink blossoms and branches on brown insert.

These are old heavy pillows. The body feels like cotton batting.  The weight of pillow is over five (5) pounds.

The item is in intact condition You may find minor thread breaks stains. There may be some fading to the black back panel of the Indian cover. 

We have (or had) four (4) pillows in the lot available.