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JJ Jonette

JJ Jonette Rhinestone Pin - Vintage Goddess Glitter Green Enhanced or Rare

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Vintage JJ Jonette goddess pin.

  • Jewelry Type:  pin or brooch
  • Maker & Brand:   JJ Jonette ~   Markings:   
  • Metal(s):       I believe these JJ's were pewter
  • Stone(s):    sorry for light on is without spots
  • Dimensions:   Size 3" wide by 1 3/4"  approx    ~    Weight:   
  • Condition:    pre-owned ~      Nice condition  
  • Modified or Repaired:   This has been enhanced I believe. Addition of Black forehead oval "stone" and Green and Clear Rhinestones. If not enhanced by estate owner is RARE. Can't find another like it!