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Handsome Travel Rug Blanket - Textured Woven Wool - Very Heavy

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Very Handsome very heavy woven wool blanket or travel rug.  Textured variegated grey/ivory with heavy blanket stitch all borders. From estate of eclectic items provenance unknown.  It had been washed as method of cleaning so I have laundered using gentle wool products and it is fine, showing only slight out of rectangle size from history of laundry care.  Well priced with lots of time left for a great piece of warmth. Comfortable weight over the body.

  • Fabric:  wool
  • Maker:  Unknown - may be hand made or perhaps UK
  • Condition:  Intact - slightly out of rectangle
  • Size:   Field - approximately 45" X 51"  
  • Weight-   3lbs 14oz. before packing