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El Sanatlari Turkey

Hand Painted Silk Pillow Cover Turkey "Polo" 1970's

Hand Painted Silk Pillow Cover Turkey "Polo" 1970's

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This is a striking hand painted silk pillow cover from Turkey. Circa 1970's in estate of ship's captain world traveler, who lived some time in Turkey.  I am calling this "Polo" but not sure of Turkish version of the game. We are listing 3 of these matching covers and they would make a stunning décor statement used together.

  • Tag Gurbiiz Ceyiz/ve El Sanatlari which is probably the town where made.
  • Hand painted Silk approx. 15" square with zipper back
  • Backing is polyester - backing has several subtle spots probably from packing and numerous moves - I have not tried to spot clean
  • Care directions say Hand Wash
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