$ 37.00

a vintage Draper Brothers "Blue Hill Blankets" wool blanket (started mid 1800s).  The color is a nice rosy pink with matching 3 1/2" wide satin binding. Great for layering. This is a high quality vintage blanket with some issues priced well.

  • Maker tag- yes, Draper Brothers Blue Hill Blankets brand, origin unknown. ~
  • Fabric tag- yes, wool, Care tag- no, dry clean only. ~
  • Pre-owned, used, condition intact but has 5 small holes and thread breaks The conditions appear to be from use, may be moth damages. See photos.
  • There are some scattered subtle stains. See photo. Issues do not impair use. ~
  • Field- 66 1/2" X 80" ~ 3 1/2" wide satin binding ~
  • 3.31 lbs.