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Minerva Buschow & Beck

Antique Minerva Tin 21" Doll Germany Beautiful Face Glass Blue Eyes Cloth Body

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This a wonderful Minerva Antique Tin Doll made in Germany late 1800s to early 1930s.  The electric blue glass eyes are mesmerizing and this face is one of the more beautiful if you compare.  A wonderful "as is" collectible or candidate for restoration popular today. She is missing paint as most Minerva's are at their age, clothes are fragile in places and body has stains.  Body appears to be a very fine soft cotton.  She is as received packed in an estate. These dolls were sold as head and shoulder for crafters to complete with bodies as well as full dolls.

  • Maker: Buschow & Beck Germany
  • Size: Doll 21" approximately Shoulder size 5" - most common were 4.25" or 3.25"
  • Condition: Normal for probably over 100 years - fragile in places on old clothes, cloth body and missing paint face.