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Antique Coverlet

Antique Jacquard Coverlet Indigo Purple Floral Medallion Geometric Initials A E

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A heavy antique jacquard wool Coverlet in indigo having a very intricate floral center medallion and geometric all over design. It is signed with initials "A E" if I am reading it correctly.  3 sides are fringed and one a straight hand stitched hem.  Indigo has almost purple cast. Cover reverses to lighter side - Winter Summer!

Unusually intact condition but packed in estate for some years with shading of the background in places - needs professional cleaning. If additional photos will assist just let me know.

  • Maker:  Signed with initials "A E" in red yarn  See photo ~
  • Size 76" X 75" Weight pre packing 5 lbs 10 oz
  • Pre-owned, used with intact body having packing shading