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Hand Loomed

Antique Wool Blanket - Hand Loomed Woven 2 Panels Yellow - 48" X 70"

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An historical 1800s, early 1900s estate item. - hand loomed blanket woven in 2 panels, hand sewn together.  The fabric is likely wool or may be wool blend with flax or linen. It has substantial feel to the fiber. The short side binding is yellow 1 3/4" Satin. There is an old cotton side binding, probably not original to piece. The satin and center join seams are hand stitch. The cotton edging appears to be machine stitch. There is a folded hem under satin.  This is a nice collectible for fiber enthusiasts.

  • Maker tag- no, hand made by unknown maker. ~
  • Likely wool blend with flax or linen, ~ Pre-owned, some pulls/thinning areas along sides. Last photo shows most conspicuous issues.
  • Some stains but the piece is in surprisingly good overall. ~
  • Field-48" X 70" or 121.92cm X 177.8cm  ~ 
  • Binding-  yellow 1 3/4" satin binding on 2 sides, cotton binding on 2 sides ~
  • 3.0 lbs.