FAQ & Policies

Do you clean all the used items?

Yes, all our pre-owned products are given a serious cleaning, before they are sold... they are ready to use in the kitchen or on the table.

 How is the cast iron cookware cleaned?

We start with soaking in a 100% lye water bath for several days... remove and hand scrub... set back in the lye bath again... scrubbed once more... soaked in a 20 gallon vinegar/water tank several hours (for any latent rust)... removed and scrubbed again... cleaned with a natural citrus cleaner and scrubbed again... rinsed with fresh water, towel dried... it is labor intensive.

Do you season your cleaned cast iron?

No... once cleaned, our cast iron is given a light protective coat of oil, but we do not season it in the oven...we let you, the customer season the cookware with your choice of animal or vegetable product. If you are a meat eater, bacon grease might be the preference... If you are vegan, then organic flax oil might be the choice.... this way you get choose.

Will my purchase be carefully packaged?

Yes, very carefully!... we use lots of wrapping materials... our boxes are a bit obsessively taped. We ship several thousand packages a year and rarely have a damaged item... please, email us with any shipping issues.