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Vintage PointerWare Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookware... Hendler & Hart from South Africa

The photo shows a Pointerware hard anodized aluminum fry pan skillet... this pan was made in South Africa by Hendler & Hart and marketed in the USA circa 1990s.

These pans/pots were introduced to complete with Calphalon Commercial Cookware at a more affordable price, but same or better quality. The Pointerware pieces are bit thicker/heavier than Calphalon pieces. Nice quality and worth grabbing, if you can find one.

H&H is the major maker of cookware is South Africa and market world wide...  they have been around more than 100 years.


Joan fox:

I was given a set of the pointerware pots & pans they all have a whitish coating. How can I clean them properly? They are in really good shape if I could get the white coating off. Any suggestions?Thanks so much for your help.

Feb 06, 2018

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