Vintage Ekco Flint Small Spatula Comparisions & Pyramid Japan

Vintage Ekco Flint Small Spatula Comparisions & Pyramid Japan

Ekco Flint made several sizes of mid century kitchen spatulas...

Second from right... the small slotted 9" square handle version is quite desirable - and not so common an item. The size of the square handle version will vary 9-1/2" to 9-5/8" depending on the years made.

First from right...The brown handle slotted spatula is a Pyramid Japan... a comparable quality to the Flint Ekco - nicely made utensils... it has a "canoe muffin" type handle... at 9-3/8" is the shortest.

Third from right... the Flint Ekco modernist long tapered handle series - horizontal slotted... this is the smallest spatula in this design series at 10"... these are fairly uncommon items and a bit hard to find.

Fourth from right... Flint Ekco solid long blade, medium spatula... the longest at 11.25"... the same handle and neck as the small slotted spatula - just the blade is 1.5" longer.

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