Two Different Spouts - Farberware Superfast Coffee Percolators... long and stub

Two Different Spouts - Farberware Superfast Coffee Percolators

What gives?... some of the Farberware Superfast coffee percolators have a stub spout...and others a long spout?

Many earlier 1920-50s electric coffee percolators tend to have the long pour spouts... the stubbier spout is more common today. The two estate pots shown in the photo were used for different occasions. The 8 cup stub spout was the workhorse everyday coffee maker - it shows wear and use by its owner. The long spout 12 cup was used for formal elegant special occasions. I have seen this in a number of Greatest Generation estates... the formal coffee pot will look almost new, as it was rarely used... often just sitting in the pantry - a good buy if you find one.

The long spout is very accurate in the pour - a grande Dame. It can pinpoint the fluid into delicate china cups for table service - no drips... the stub spout comes off as a bumbling waiter in the same serving arena.


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Very astute observation on the coffee pot spouts. I just found your blog and I’m enjoying the vintage info very much!!


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