Ekco Eterna Original Guaranteed Tag for Canoe Muffin Brown Utensils

Ekco Eterna Original Guaranteed Tag for Canoe Muffin Brown Utensils

This is the back of the original paper label hanger for EKCO Eterna kitchen utensils... the brown canoe muffin composite handles... dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 5 years... in reality, I believe dishwashers were pretty harsh on the handles.
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…your handles are made of a phenolic Bakelite type material. You can refurbish the dishwasher handles in couple ways.
If your are lightly worn, try a fine steel wool – use dry.
If yours are really greyed, use some fine emery cloth wet sand paper from the hardware. Wet sand the handles.
Then rub with any metal polish on a soft cloth. A metal polish will give some shine back.

all of this takes a little elbow grease… once clean and dry, rub the handles with some mineral oil and a cloth, especially if you continue to place them in the dishwasher. Do not use vegetable base oils. If you have cutting board oil, it is most likely mineral oil.

hope this helps… James

James Davids

You have a very interesting blog. I really enjoy old appliances and kitchen items. I have some of the things you have for sale. I have Revere Copper bottom pots from my mother, Revere stainless lined copper pots and pans and Flint arrowhead utensils. Do you know what the utensil handles are made of? I was hoping to polish them back to shiny if possible. I think some of them were put in the dishwasher and have become dull. The same with the Revere pot handles. Some of the handles are dull and they look like the same material as the utensil handles. I also have some vintage Sunbeam electric appliances. They work better and last longer than the new ones.

Beth Dishaw

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