It is fun to announce a new category in our Apparel Collection! Patzi design is a collection of enhanced clothing and jewelry.

Announcing Patzi Design New Collection

It is fun to announce a new category in our Apparel Collection! I've been wanting to do this for some time inspired by Pinterest content and especially enthralled by BodeNY site, which does amazing items all gender appropriate, unique and extravagant!  Olde Kitchen & Home has a stash of antique/vintage linens from estates and they were calling me to be creative.

Patzi Design features One of a Kind enhanced, repurposed Clothing and Jewelry with sustainably based Used, Vintage, Antique and materials from Nature as enhancements.

I started sewing about 12 years of age on my Mother's old Singer treadle machine and watched her creating shell jewelry about that same age, This was the Golden Age for shell work in Florida in the mid 1940s when we moved to the Florida Gulf Coast. My recent 87th B'day pushed me to "Go For It" - now or never. So if you don't buy, just get inspired to have some fun repurposing your old jeans or creating something from our shell collections in Crafts. It's Now or Never.

Best to you and enjoy your days,


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