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1950s Anker Denmark Cookware by Jens Quistgaard... Maker Logo Mark on Iron and Enamel Bottoms

This Anker Line cookware is not super common to find. Designed by Jens Quistgaard circa 1954 and made in Denmark - before his work with Dansk...

Enamel porcelain on cast iron. We have come across red, green, blue and black color pieces.

Both the round and square lidded casserole pots can be found with a teak leg, raffia coated iron serving holder/stands (and without the stand)... the triangular skillets had raffia handles as well - often the raffia is missing or damaged - finding one with the complete raffia handle wrap is hard.

As seen in our photo, the bottoms can be plain iron or enamel glazed... sometimes the maker mark on the enamel version is unreadable with thick enamel.

Iron and enamel were not spared in the production of this cookware - these are heavy pieces.


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