1938 Universal Oven Cooker Set - Landers Frary & Clark

1938 Universal Oven Cooker Set - Landers Frary & Clark

A vintage multi-piece multi-use Universal electric oven cooker set by Landers Frary & Clark USA... No. E9604 from 1938 dealer catalog.... stew, steam and fricassee... make roast meta or bake biscuits... use standing or turned on its side like a oven.... insulated and cooks largely by stored heat... keeps food deliciously hot for hours - ideal for picnics.
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I love this. I have a few very similar to this, but only have the round insert pans with their lids. I have read some manuals on these type cookers, and they said you can flip them on their sides and use them as ovens, to back muffins and cookies etc. One I have has a 3 side by side plug, which is a low heat or high heat. Some instructions say to preheat before use. I closed it up, and put it on ‘high’ and put in a oven thermometer. I lifted the lid and the termometer, went past 550 – and started to go all the way around back towards like 100 – it must have been 700 degrees in that oven. I won’t preheat it again with nothing in it. These things were built like tanks and built to last forever. They work very well, except I think for rice which to me comes out mushy. But they work great for almost anything else, and compared to your big kitchen oven/range use so much less heat. And they are portable. Thank you for posting a picture of this complete set.


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