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Wagner's 1891 Cast Iron Cookware Skillet - Is Not Antique...

If you are out there searching for vintage/antique cast cookware, you will no doubt come across Wagner's 1891 items - skillets and such. These were commemorative items produced late 1980s and through the 1990s. They were to celebrate the 100th anniversary.

Occasionally, a less than knowledgeable seller will list these as "antique"... fooled by the 1891 imprint on the bottoms.

I have seen the skillet interiors in a couple finishes... some as-cast rough sand surface - these should be avoided... others, have partial ground finishes with concentric rings showing - these are OK, they will season - decent camp cookware....  and generally cheap to buy.

the exteriors are pretty much always as-cast rough.. little hard to clean clean.

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