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Wear Ever vs. Kitchen Craft Aluminum Roasting Pans - Vintage Cookware

Here are two similar vintage roasting pans... both were made in the USA... both are heavier gauge aluminum. The pan on the left in photo is a Wear Ever #918... the pan on the right is a Kitchen Craft - no model number.

At aprx. 11" x 15",  the Wear Ever is shorter but wider than the 10" x 17" Kitchen Craft...otherwise, they are quite similar. These pans are used as open roasters... and both companies made tall dome lids for covered cooking... they are strong thick metal and will not buckle with a heavy turkey or such. The Wear Ever is quite popular with cooks - we have sold a number over the years.

The Wear Ever still has a good amount of its original shine, but it will age darker like the Kitchen Craft with use and time...

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