SOLD... West Bend Permanent Multicore 5 Ply Stainless Cookware - 10" Fry Pan Skillet with Lid

Permanent Multicore - West Bend

$ 55.00

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A vintage 5 ply stainless steel fry pan skillet with lid...

Permanent Multicore - by West Bend USA... heavy duty quality cookware... thick disc bottom.

10" diameter... 18.5" length... weight 4 lbs 14 oz

Good use vintage condition... no dents or serious damage - intact parts... clean cook surface... pan sits well, with a centralized slight bow up 1mm or 2mm... the disc in tight - no warp bump or heat damage... the lid knob solid with some heat age wear - the washer is a smaller replacement - a new knob/washer is available from Regalware parts for $8.70.

Solid usable cookware... we have given it a good cleaning...


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