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Jim Lovell Astronaut 1970's Autographed Hasselblad Booklet Apollo Moon

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A vintage Jim Lovell autographed Hasselblad booklet - blue ink. The booklet commemorates the camera maker's role with the 1969 Apollo flights - "First man on the Moon July 20, 1969".

This is from the estate of my decades long neighbor Sidney Gilbert. Sidney was a photo journalist for the Kansas Star in the 1950-60's, where he took pictures of US Presidents and celebrities. Later he worked for an east coast Florida newspaper in the 1970's and I suspect, it was at this time he was able to have astronaut Lovell sign this book. He retired 1978. 

His widow was not sure when it was signed, only that Sidney was always proud to have it - and had it for many years. 

booklet size 8" x 9.5"... 32 pages... color photos of space events and camera equipment.. not dated, but likely soon after 1969 mission.

Condition - intact with all pages... some brown foxing - mostly cover - some light interior foxing in places - pages are bright.