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Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay Wool Blanket - 4 Point Classic Ivory with Stripe - 72" X 89" England

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Vintage Hudson Bay Point Blanket ~ Classic Ivory with Cobalt Red Green Yellow stripes. The intact gold label reads US reg 220747 Canada 19576 Made in England. The blanket is a four (4) point with 5" black bars  It has been packed in estate.  Nap is high with fluff, dense warm and heavy at 6 lbs before packing. Intact condition but some spill stains and at close inspection note I believe 3 small rubs that may be moth in past years. Priced well. New running about $600 this size.  It remains a lovely bed cover

  • Hudson Bay Made in England. ~
  • 100% wool ~ Pre-owned used - some stains several possible moth rubs
  • Colors are even and the field is intact except as mentioned
  • Field - 72" X 89"~
  • 6 lbs. 1 oz.