SOLD... Hoover Electric Skillet Replacement Part - JPR 1104 Temp Control Uni-Probe Power Cord


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A vintage used replacement part for the vintage Hoover electric skillets... power temp control probe... female version.

model JPR-1104... 1650W... 120V... 1-3/8" on center plug pins

Please note, this company made various temp probes over the years... some are female and receive the center post on the skillet... some had a male center post on the temp probe, which slides into the female side on the skillet...

...and, of the female temp probes (like this one) there are two depths of 3/8" or 5/8"... this probe has the 5/8" depth... see the last two photos for a guide.

Good working condition... but cosmetic condition is poor worn - the display dial is very faded - this item saw a lot of use... discounted due to wear.

Normally, we only sell cleaner versions. But we get so many requests for this probe, I decided to offer this one.

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