SOLD... Chicago Cutlery USA Kitchen Knives 5 Set - Walnut/Stainless... 42S Chef, BT43 Carver, 66S Butcher, 65S Fillet, 102S Paring - Bonus Boning

Chicago Cutlery

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This sale is for a vintage set of Chicago Cutlery kitchen knives... 6 knives total.

five are earlier, made in USA products (with model numbers)... and are from a clean upscale estate home... stored in wood block. They look mostly unused - any scratch to blades is very mild. Very Good condition...

the boning knife does not have a model number... and is most likely, a newer made in China version - it is from a different estate.

We have cleaned these items... the blades have been polished... the handled restored and rubbed with mineral oil... a nice set, that is ready to use.

total weight 1.5 lbs


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