Aurora Biederlack Grey Taupe Salmon Orange Plaid Blanket - 58" X 77" USA

Aurora Biederlack

$ 32.00

An AURORA small blanket or throw (manufactured by Biederlack in the USA). Pattern is an unusual plaid using colors of grey, taupe, salmon & orange. The nap is thick & plush.

Maker & Country of Origin:  Maker tag- yes, made in USA.

Fabric(s) & Care:  Fabric tag- yes, Acrylic 86% Polyester 7%  Cotton 7%, Care tag- yes, expect to machine wash.

Condition:  pre-owned, used, Very nice condition, appears to be gently used.

Size & Weight:   Field- 58" X 77"     Binding-   1" Binding 4 sides   Weight- 3.125 lbs

Compare To:  Biederlack Hometex IBENA Northwest

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